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The recipe for success, or "milking it" was staring them Read More , and Angry Birds Friends. However, the one I am most addicted to is Angry Birds Rio.

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Rio takes a different turn because the pigs take a break and are instead replaced by monkeys. You also have to free birds which give the appearance of being held as hostages. On some levels, they are seen inside locked cages, while on other levels, they are simply boxed inside the structure you have to smash.

Angry Birds

On the other side of the screen are the usual birds with their usual abilities, and your slingshot with which you have to work your magic. There are 8 separate levels comprising of numerous missions, all taking place in a variety of locations including inside a plane pictured below , at a market, an airfield, a carnival, a beach, and a jungle. These cost real money and you can buy them through the App Store as in-app purchases the more you buy, the bigger the discount.

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  • Opinions about Angry Birds Rio.

One thing which particularly ticks me off is that I have bought lots of jokers in another of the Angry Birds games but there is currently no way to transfer these jokers between different games. For this reasons I am not inclined to pay for jokers in Rio when I already have them in another game. But the Mighty Eagle is worth having around because he will smash through scenery, monkeys and birds and clear the level for you. As you can see from the screenshots, Rio is slightly different to the usual Angry Birds games, but a lot of the same elements are still there: Just the antidote for a stressful day at work!

‎Angry Birds Rio on the App Store

So why is Rio better than regular Angry Birds? Well for a start, the regular Angry Birds games involve green pigs and nothing else. After a while, that starts to get a bit boring. Rio, on the other hand, livens things up a bit by introducing monkeys and captive birds, as well as bringing with it nice, bright sunny locales and some nice South American carnival music.

So whatever your platform, give it a go today.

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Rio is one of the better Angry Birds games out there right now, right up there with Star Wars. It is loads of fun. Which is your favourite Angry Birds game? Let us know in the comments what you think of this, and the others. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published.

Travel to Brazil in the latest Angry Birds adventure

Game developers Rovio confirmed on Twitter the new mobile game reached 10 million downloads in 10 days of availability, breaking all records for the company so far. The 10 million Angry Birds Rio downloads are across the iOS and Android mobile operating systems, covering both free and paid downloads. The film will be released on April Angry Birds Rio is a paid title on the iOS platform, with a free trial version available.

On Google Android Market, Angry Birds Rio is available as a free download, as well as in Amazon's app store for Android , where the game was originally an exclusive on March The Amazon app store is only available in the U.